Summer Card 2017

Happy summer!

 2017 summer card sneak peek!

summer card 2017_final.jpg

Everything after this initial concept sketch was done digitally using Adobe Illustrator 


First Digital Draft



Vector shop talk

I used the brush tool on this early draft. Typically, I use the pen tool even when sketching. The brush tool produces so many anchor points, editing becomes complicated, but when used for  complex organic shapes of hair and letterforms, it was really nice. I was planning to completely redraw, so editing wasn't an issue. In the past, I've used Photoshop for early drafts, but it was nice to move into vector straight away. The watermelon slices, which were done in pen tool, I was able to keep. I enjoy a bit of the original in the final product.


summer 2017 back.jpg

Thank you to Tom Ellsworth for digital support and Isabella Kung for art direction!