Spring Card 2017!

Inspiration came from a recent delightful experience. A gift of snapdragons arrived with an unexpected treat--a single ladybug!


I played around with color and composition, favoring mood and emotion over botanical accuracy. Things really came together once I added in a friend for our ladybug. 

Watercolor script looked nice, but liked the gritty quality of conte crayon on newsprint. 

I brought it into Photoshop as a rough, intending to ink it digitally, but something about the original spoke to me and it made it into the final with just a little cleanup. 

I mocked up a postcard back with a "stamp" pulled from the front image. I sent out almost 100 cards this spring and my list keeps expanding!

Send me a message at hello@anooshbooks.com to be added to the list. 

Now to start my summer 2017 card!