Autumnal Treasures


Experimenting in Photoshop today and getting started on my fall greeting card. The watercolor texture I used today comes from my one of my favorite digital watercolor brushes from The font is Tall Abbey by Tom Chalky. 

autumn hand lettering.JPG

I also played with some hand painted lettering. I used cheap paint and a liner brush on 24 lb ivory paper. I prefer smooth paper over heavy (and expensive) watercolor paper for this task. 

Still working out the message. The contenders are:

"Fall into Autumnal Bliss"         "Autumnal Treasures"       "Autumnal Delights"       or some combination.

I like to reference the season as well as include one impact word like Delight, Bliss, Treasure, etc. If you have a favorite, feel free to weigh in in the comments section. And as always, if you'd like to be on the list to receive my seasonal cards, 
send your address or email address to