Safe Space for Amphibians

AnooshBooks is partnering with Lick Your Eyeballs Reptiles to produce a booklet on reptiles and amphibians to share with our clients and local schools! The first page "Safe Space for Amphibians" is now complete!


Purpose: To provide ways to support our local embattled species of amphibians including frogs, salamanders and newts. 

Considerations: In creating this piece, we intentionally introduced ideas which could be implemented in a range of outdoor spaces, including small yards and even balconies. 

Additional Uses: In addition to inclusion in our upcoming booklet, this piece will be available as a free handout at our upcoming event for "Save the Frogs Day". This free, public event will be held at the Shorebird Nature Center on April 28th, 2018. 

Support and Guidance: Lick Your Eyeballs and anooshbooks will be partnering with the City of Berkeley to throw the event. Save the Frogs Organization provided editorial guidance and recommendations in the choice and presentation of ideas.